Wynand & Elzette Moolman’s Wedding

@ Swan Lake Bloemfontein

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Nicholas & Mae Palm’s Wedding

@ Die Groen Akker Bloemfontein

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Welcome to our web site. We provide the best prices for all your photography needs for your wedding; maternity; children, family photo shoot. No matter the location!

We will also help you plan your wedding photo shoot with a free wedding pre-shoot. We do quotations for free, but you can also work out your own quotation on our web site to help plan your photography budget.

Preshoot & Engagements
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Are you getting engaged?

We have a free engagement photo session for you  when you get engaged in the Bloemfontein area. T’s & C’s apply.


In preparation for the big day, a few weeks before the wedding, we shall spend some time with the wedding couple during a pre-shoot where we visit the wedding and reception locations to determine what poses will work the best. (Only applicable to couples in the Bloemfontein area unless other arrangements have been made.) This is also the time to learn to get acquainted with one another. This will help the wedding couple to be more relaxed on the day of the wedding. This will also assist in determining the timeframe for photos as well as travelling time between locations. On the wedding day good timing is crucial to the wedding photography team. After the pre-shoot, we shall give the wedding couple a framed A4 photo from the pre-shoot free of charge for spending the time with us.

Final discussions and confirmations will take place a week before the wedding.  

You call the shots, we take the pictures of a special moment that God created Mobi Preshoot & Engagements FOUP Web Lock