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You call the shots, we take the pictures of a special moment that God created


Welcome to our web site. We provide the best prices for all your photography needs for your wedding; maternity; children, family photo shoot. No matter the location!

We will also help you plan your wedding photo shoot with a free wedding pre-shoot. We do quotations for free, but you can also work out your own quotation on our web site to help plan your photography budget.


Photo Packages Family / Children / New Born /Maternity  Package 1 = R480.00 1 Hour photo-shoot in Bloemfontein on location 20 x A6 (Jumbo) Photos  2 x A5 Photos  1 x A4 Photo Package 2 = R400.00 1 x CDs with: 30 x High resolution images fully edited for printing. Plus the same 30 images in  Low Resolution for social Media use. 1 Hour photo-shoot in Bloemfontein on location